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Savannah cat breed.
Welcome to our web site!

My name is Svetlana and I am the owner of the cattery “Savannah Spirit”.

The cattery is located in South Urals, in the middle part of Russian Federation. We brought home our first Savannah cat 2 years ago, and she charmed us! Savannah is a wonderful creature! This cat combines grace of a leopard, curiosity of a kitten and loyalty of a dog.

In addition to the amazing character, Savannah is a cat with tender texture of fur and its` exotic print. Once you see a Savannah cat and pet it, you will fall in love with it forever! “Savannah Spirit” - is a domestic cattery, and our main aim is to breed healthy, beautiful Savannah cats with balanced temperament. We pay great attention to our cats and their careers.

Our ultimate goal is to breed the ideal Savannahs with the appearance approaching the Serval, but with the character of an active domestic cat, who loves nature.

On the site you can book and buy Savannah kittens. We raise our kittens with great care, love and responsibility from their birth till their departure to their new home.

With the purchase of a kitten we sign the contract, which specifies the conditions of keeping a Savannah cat and where the pedigree information and rights are written. This is due to our foreign breeders.

  • microchip;
  • veterinary certificate (vaccination age);
  • veterinary certificate;
  • Blue slip TICA;
  • contract of sale;
  • act of reception and transmission.

Kttens Transportation carried out by courier. We make out essential travel documents, we pass veterinary inspection. If a kitten flies away, register it on the flight. Our kittens are exported, so we have a lot of practice to send kittens abroad.

We also want to thank the breeders, who gave us the opportunity to deal with these beautiful animals!